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Farmers Fund

Assistance is Awarded by Invitation Only

After many years of devoting this fund to one-time financial contributions to rural small farmers, the mission of the fund has changed starting in 2023. Now, the fund will focus on helping a select group of farm operations throughout the year. The groups have been selected and we are not seeking applications for future consideration. Please read below to learn about the evolution of the Farmers Fund. 

From 2014 to the present, we have distributed a book scholarship to a child or a grandchild of a farmer majoring in agricultural sciences. However, in 2019, we converted the scholarship fund to act in a dual capacity in creating an emergency farmer fund; due to the overwhelming need of small rural farmers. The fund covered immediate emergency expenses related to the farm operation and daily necessities. We gave special preference to aging farmers in need. Between 2019 to 2022 the Fund aided nearly 400 rural farmers in over five countries. 

However, since 2023 the fund’s mission has focused on a project-based approach to providing long-term support to a select number of rural family farm operations and food initiatives throughout the entire year. We will continue to provide financial assistance during natural disasters and lien prevention, but the bulk of our funding for the fund is devoted to pre-selected farm operations, to ensure the longevity of  the farm’s operations overtime. We will no longer accept requests for funding on this page. We are so happy to continue our evolution as an organization, as we stay committed to serving rural family farms.