We are a proud recipient of the MacArthur Foundation, Racial Healing Award!

India – 2019

India – started working in India in 2019 with program partners. We donated funds to small rural farmers in South India in the surrounding area of Kerala to purchase organic seed to grow fresh produce which was donated to a local mental health facility and orphanage. 

Total funds donated in Rupees: RS. 32,000
Actual exchange rate after fees: 1:64
Total funds donated in USD: $500

Gudalur Organic Farmers:
Geetha and Murali

RS 2000 for produce donated to Charity Home for the Mentally Retarded (actual value less) We purchased all remaining produce from this growing season.

Address of Farmers:
Manikkaladi, Cherumulli Post, Devarshola,  The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 643212

Address of home:
Charity Home for the Mentally Retarded Makkamoola, MT Nagar Post, Gudalur, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 643211

Chokkanally Adavasi Village
Erular Community

RS 6000 for heritage seed

Address of village:
Chokkanally, Mavanallah Post,
District, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 643223

Erular tribal village women – 3: (in this community women generally farm and men go for labor): 1500*3 = 4500

Erular tribal men: 1500
Seed package in each case:
Ragi (Millet) – 5kg (750 RS)
Beans – 5 kg (250 RS)
Cowpea – 5kg (250 RS)
+250 RS
Total = 1500

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